Embrace the Night, Own the Day

The first FDA cleared aligner system for night only wear. Get that perfect smile while you sleep.

Wear the aligners only at night. Put your aligners on before bed and take them out after you wake up.

Eat, drink, and talk hassle-free.

No one has to know that you’re straightening your teeth.

During the day you are free to eat, snack and go about your busy life without the need to wear an aligner.


Want that coffee? No problem. No aligners.

Sandy goes about her day without wearing any aligners. She has her morning coffee.


Want to eat? No problem. No aligners.

Eats breakfast. Goes to work. Has meetings. And no one knows she’s straightening her smile.


Work without any aligners during the day.

No one knows she’s getting a beautiful and healthy smile, but her.


Only wear your aligners at night!

She doesn’t have to let anyone know. It’s her NiTime secret.

Living with the convenience, flexibility and freedom of NiTime aligners

You only have to wear NiTime aligners for 9-12 hours compared to 22 hours for other aligners and the overall treatment time does not increase

Before bed brush your teeth and do your regular nightly routine. Put your aligners in.
Dream. Wake up closer to the smile that you have always dreamed of.
Go about your day with the freedom of not wearing any aligners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The aligners need to be worn for 9-12 hours a day.
It’s worth brushing your teeth after the last meal of the day and putting the aligners in then until the morning.
No, that’s the impressive bit. Opting for NiTime aligners will not extend the length of your treatment compared to if you wore other brands for 22 hours a day.

NiTime aligners may be more comfortable than industry-standard aligners. NiTime aligners use smaller but optimal forces, whereas some other aligners exert more force than what is required causing more discomfort.