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Are you no longer satisfied with how you look and feel about your appearance? Would you like to start to feel better about yourself?

Grange Green are passionate about facial aesthetics treatments that can really help to boost your confidence, leaving you looking younger and feeling more refreshed.
Face and Beauty Treatment at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
Dr Rachel began her journey into facial aesthetics in 2016. Since then she has completed her advanced dermal filler and anti-wrinkle training in Harley Street, London, and further advanced dermal filler training with celebrity facial aesthetician Dr Sarah Tonks in Knightsbridge and Chelsea.

Rachel has been registered and qualified to prescribe ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical products and bespoke treatments since 2017. These particular products work deep inside the cell structure of the skin to improve its health and function which in turn deals with the signs of premature ageing.

Dermal Fillers

A great option for patients is Dermal Fillers. Rachel applies gentle dermal fillers to provide natural looking lip enhancements and hydration treatment. Better yet they can be used to rejuvenate flattened cheeks, nose to mouth lines and marionette lines which all occur as part of the ageing process.

On top of that, Rachel can used these fillers for chin and jaw line sculpting, improving the shape and profile of your face.
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Face and Beauty Treatment at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay

Frequently Asked Questions

To get answers to your questions you can check the answers provided in the FAQ section here or by visiting relevant pages of our website. If you still have questions feel free to use our Contact form below or give us a call.
At a glance, many aesthetic treatments might seem to be more or less the same, as is the case with treatments with different hyaluronic acid fillers. However, depending on your individual needs and wishes, aesthetic treatments vary a lot.

The better you understand the treatment procedures and why your healthcare practitioner uses a specific filler, the better you will know what to expect of the treatment and what can be achieved. This question will also prepare you emotionally, so that you will have a positive treatment experience.
An aesthetic treatment should always enhance your own unique beauty and never distort it. Therefore, the treatment must be personalised to you and your own facial features. For example, if you want to look younger, there are many ways to achieve this goal. Maybe you want to look younger with a skin treatment that makes your skin look fresh? Or perhaps you feel that you have sagging skin and want to restore your facial features? A simple wish to look younger is actually quite complex. What you need in order to look younger will be different to what your friend or a celebrity needs. It is therefore essential that your aesthetic treatment is personalised to you and to no one else.
A great advantage of treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers is that they do not last forever. The way you want your facial proportions to look like today might change in the future. If you are young, you might just want to look fresh, while later in life you might wish to sharpen your facial features. Consult with your healthcare practitioner. He or she will inform you how long your own aesthetic treatment will last.
You should always collect information about the side effects of an aesthetic treatment. With hyaluronic acid filler treatments, common side effects can include redness, bruising and swelling at the treatment site. Depending on your specific treatment and situation, side effects will be individual to you. This is why you should always ask your healthcare practitioner about the potential side effects and the duration of potential side effects associated with your own treatment.
An aesthetic treatment should be personalised to you. Therefore, you must investigate, not only in general terms what you should do before and after the treatment, but what is relevant in just your case. This is an important question to ask your healthcare practitioner during your consultation.
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Pain Free Dentistry at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
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Pain Free Dentistry at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
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