Want a Clean and Hygienic mouth?

Dental hygiene refers to the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy to prevent disease. Dental hygiene and oral health are often to take for granted but are essential parts of our everyday lives
At Grange Green your hygiene appointment is likely to be different to any cleaning you may have had elsewhere.

The focus is on improving and maintaining your oral health. Your hygienist will carry out detailed measurements in your mouth to assess the health of the supporting bone and gum around your teeth.

This is important to make sure the foundations of the teeth are intact before you invest any money in restoring the teeth.

Everybody has bacteria and food debris which accumulates in their mouth and around the tooth gum junction. This causes inflammation and infection in the gum and eventually can lead to destruction of bone support.
Dental Hygiene at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
This bacterial film becomes hard, known as ‘calculus’ or ‘tartar’, and is impossible for you to remove with your toothbrush. The hygienist will carefully and thoroughly remove these deposits and any stains and then help to devise a realistic and achievable cleaning programme for you to maintain at home.

Our hygienists work closely with our dentists to safeguard you. They carry out facial and oral cancer screening, check the function of your jaw joint and the way your teeth meet and fit together, constantly reassess your gum and bone condition and where justified can take x-ray radiographs to closely look how things are under the surface.
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Dental Hygiene at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay

Frequently Asked Questions

To get answers to your questions you can check the answers provided in the FAQ section here or by visiting relevant pages of our website. If you still have questions feel free to use our Contact form below or give us a call.
The main purpose of seeing a hygienist is to prevent and treat gum disease. Other benefits include stain removal, managing bad breath, managing sensitivity, educating on effective at home plaque control including diet advice, and maintaining dental work like implants, braces, bridges and crowns.
There are 2 main types of gum disease:

Gingivitis - Involves bleeding and inflammation of the gums. This stage is easy to treat and can be reversed by effective plaque control and regular hygiene visits.

Periodontitis - Involves loss of bone from around the teeth which may lead to tooth loss in the future. This is more concerning and you should get this treated as soon as possible. Periodontitis can not be cured or reversed. The aim of treatment is to stabilise it or to slow it down.
Good oral hygiene is crucial if you want to prevent disease in the mouth. Brush twice a day, floss daily, eat a well balanced diet, and use a fluoride toothpaste (remember to spit out after brushing and never rinse!). Last but not least, see the dentist and hygienist on a regular basis.
Tip* You can brush and floss 100x a day but, if you're not using the correct technique then you may still get problems. The hygienist will cover this in the appointment.
Definitely! It is highly recommended that children see a hygienist on a regular basis. This will get them into good habits at a young age and take some of the strain off mum and dad.
No! This is a common myth. Gums will only bleed if effective at home plaque removal isn't being achieved. This causes your immune system to increase blood flow to the gums to try and kill off the bacteria resulting in inflammation, swelling and tenderness. This is why the gums may bleed as they are already inflamed.
Remember, healthy gums do not bleed!
Hygiene appointments are usually pain free. However, if you do feel any discomfort at the time, please inform the hygienist as there are plenty of ways to make you feel more comfortable.
Pain Free Dentistry at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
Pain Free Dentistry at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
We take the stress and worry out of dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry at Grange Green Dental Practice in Billericay
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